Video News Reports from DisplayWeek 2023

Below are a series of videos decribing what exhibitors were showing at SID DisplayWeek 2023. There was a lot of microLED activity focused on autotmotive, AR/VR and videowalls. We also saw some interesting OLED, 8K/16K and 3D displays. Check it out.

microLED / miniLED News

JBD Shows of Commercially Available microLEDs and Reveals R&D Plans

Sundiode Wins iZone Award for Stacked RGB Single Pixel LED Device

Sitan Shows Color Converted microLED Displays with 3 Micron Emitters

PoroTech Details More About Their Capabilities and Demos Full Color DPT Display

MICLEDI Solves Planarity Concern for Silicon Foundry microLED Processing

Kubos Semiconductor Developing GaN Cubic Structure for Improved Efficiency

Tianma Show Automotive microLED Demos

Saphlux’s QD Nanoporous Layer Getting Commercialized

KIMM Developing Transparent, Flexible microLEDs

Innolux Shows Automotive and wearable microLEDs

AUO Shows Transparent microLED Dispays for IT and Automotive

Avantama Shows Modified Inkjet Printer for Single Micron QD Deposition

PlayNitride Shows Impressive line of microLEDs

Seoul Semiconductor Shows Full Color Single miniLED Device

TCL CSOT’s MicroLED Splicing Display

3D News

TCL CSOT’s Lightfield Displays are Not Light Field Displays

Realfiction Shows 3D Technology with 5,000 Hz Field Rate

Creal Demos Update Light Field AR Display

Other Display News

BOE Debuts 110-inch 16K Prototype

TCL CSOT Wows Inket Printing Foldable OLED Display

Vitrelab Demos Laser Backlight for AR or VR Applications

MegpixelVR Demos Elegant New Video Wall Module and Mounting Solution using miniLEDs

BOE’s Highlights miniLED Videowall

TCL’s Ultra Low Power Efficiency 8K TV

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