Video News Reports from CES 2024

Insight Media was at CES 2024 and produced a number of video news reports at the event covering automotive, AR/VR/MR and TV/Projection displays.

Automotive (LCD, OLED, microLED, HUDs)

Envisics Describes Their Holographic HUDs at CES 2024

Envisics is developing holographic HUDs that use a spatial light modulator and diffraction patterns to generate the images. This can be very power efficient. At CES 2024, they showed their Gen 2 HUD, which will debut this year in the Cadillac Lyric, along with a prototype of the Gen 3 HUD.

CY Vision Gives AR HUD Update at CES 2024

CY Vision is developing an AR HUD that uses twin spatial light modulators to create an eye-tracked stereo image for the driver. This is an optically efficient solution that is also bright. At CES 2024, they showed their latest prototype.

VUEREAL Pushes MicroPrinting Technology at CES 2024

VUEREAL says they have a solution for printing microLEDs using their cartridge technology, but it is suitable for printing other tiny chips as well. In their suite, they showed a number of microLED-based displays with a clear focus on automotive.

TI Shows DLP Based HUD Engines at CES 2024

Texas Instruments was highlighting two partners that make the DLP engines useful for automotive HUDs. There were Goertek and Sunny. The projection engine is very small at around 1/2 liter.

Zeiss Microoptics Has Holographic Solutions at CES 2024

Zeiss Microoptics claims to have developed efficient Holographic Optical Element (HOE) replication techniques. At CES 2024, they provided multiple demos to highlight the ways these HOE films can be used in automotive applications.

CES 2024 TCL CSOT Wants to Supply Auto Displays Too

CSOT, TCL’s panel supplier company, had a section in the larger TCL booth at CES where it was showcasing automotive display solutions. This included displays for panoramic HUDs, for pillar-to-pillar dashboard displays and for more conventional HUD designs.

Hisense’s Laser/DLP AR HUD solution at CES 2024

Hisense has partnered with Barco to bring the latter’s light steering technology to the home cinema market. Developed by Barco for the theatrical market, light steering adds an diffractive-based modulator in the optical path to transfer light from the darker regions of the image to the brighter regions, thus increasing contrast to make it more HDR-like. 2024 could see the commercial introduction of the technology in home cinema and theatrical.

E-LEAD’s PHUD and AR Lite HUD at CES 2024

Taiwan-based E-LEAD showed a panoramic HUD, an AR Lite HUD that is smaller with a shorter virtual distance than most HUDs, as well as a personal assistant display that was not very good.

LG Display’s Automotive Displays at CES 2024

LG Display showed a variety of automotive displays in their invite-only suite in the West hall at CES 2024. This included flexible OLEDs, miniLED LCD, transparent OLEDs and more

Floating 2D Image from FIC at CES 2024

FIC uses a DLP projector and Holographic Optical Element (HOE) to create an image that appears to float in space. A RealSense sensor allows virtual touch interaction with the image.

Laser Scanning HUD from FIC at CES 2024

Taiwan-based FIC is developing a laser beam scanner type automotive HUD which they showcased at CES 2024. It is a two-plane solution that shows decent image quality but will need to be size-reduced for mass production. They also need to auto-qualify the MEMS scanner, a non-trivial challenge.

BOE Demos Auto Solutions at CES 2024

Panel Maker BOE, actually, BOE Varitronix, showed a flexible OLED and dual-panel LCD display that are both in mass production for use in automobiles along with several other prototype displays at CES 2024.

AUO Shows Range of Displays for Autos at CES 2024

AUO was at CES 2024 to show microLED, miniLED and LCD products all aimed at the automotive space. This included transparent microLED, pillar-to-pillar LCD, ambience displays and rollable entertainment microLED display. The demos were similar to what was shown at DisplayWeek 2023 as described here:

AGC Uses New Coating to Improve Luminance and Sunglass Usability

Automotive HUDs that use a TFT-LCD use a wedge prism inside the windshield to eliminate the secondary image which can cause ghosting. It also can make the HUD go dark when the driver uses polarized sunglasses. AGC solved this problem with a new coating in a HUD demo at CES 2024.

LiDAR Updates from Microvision, Innoviz and Robosense at CES 2024 at CES 2024

Microvision has not qualified their MEMS LiDAR scanner so is talking about a LiDAR array solution. Innoviz is deploying a MEMS LiDAR solution but their next generation will be a multi-function Galvo scan solution. Robosense has a qualified MEMS solution.

LIDAR vs. Stereo Camera Object Detection and Tracking at CES 2024

There is a big need for ways to detect and track objects in low visibility or darkness as an aid for automotive drivers. Radar has low resolution for LIDAR – i.e. radar using laser light pulses, has higher resolution, but higher cost. The use of stereo visible camera to generate depth maps and point clouds is another option that is lower cost, which is why there is some debate in the industry about which direction is best.


Fireside Chat – Finding the Path to a Consumer-Friendly Vision Pro Headset

Lightning Silicon Technology (LST) hosted a fireside chat at CES 2024 that included John Fan, Executive Chairman, LST; Zhenghong Lu, Professor University of Toronto; and Karl Guttag, AR/VR industry consultant. The wide-ranging discussion covered the AR and VR markets, the advantages and disadvantages of the Apple Vision Pro, along with a path to reduce the size, weight, power consumption and cost of a Vision Pro-like headset.

Swave Wows with Holographic Device with 0.25 micron Pixels at CES

Swave (pronounced as one word that rhymes with Shave) is developing a new display technology using materials commercialized in the memory market. They demonstrated a proof-of-concept device at CES 2024 that created a tiny holographic image with 0.25-micron pixels.

Vuzix Adds AI Integration and Forward Glow Reduction to its AR Glasses at CES 2024

In a demo at CES 2024, a smartphone connected to ChatGPT was used to convert voice to text that was visible in the latest AR glasses from Vuzix. More importantly, the text was translated to Spanish suggesting a very valuable use model for AR glasses going forward. Vuzix has also developed a solution to suppress the glow that can leak out of a waveguide in the forward direction.

Sightful’s 100-inch Virtual Desktop Solution with Readable Text at CES 2024

Using a modified XREAL headset, Sightful can offer a 100″ virtual desktop that offers very readable text. They do this by rendering the text as a stereo image to improve the crispness.


Barco & Hisense Partner on Light Steering Projection at CES 2024

Light Steering is projection technology developed by Barco for the theatrical market. It is a way to increase the contrast by steering light from the dark areas of the image to the brighter parts, thus increasing contrast. Now, they have partnered with Hisense to offer a projector tailored to the home cinema market. Sorry about the audio – my noise cancelling mic died part way thru More on Hisense’s triple laser solutions as shown at IFA 2023:

Samsung Discusses 2024 TV Innovations at CES

Samsung used their Innovation Room to provide the media with new upgrades for the 2024 TV line. This includes upgrades for image processing, a new anti-glare screen, a new royalty-free audio format meant to compete with Dolby Atmos (royalty bearing), and a new calibration procedure that maintains the perception of colors under various lighting conditions. Reference videos from IFA 2023:

Samsung Shows TVs and Demos Content Outside DCI P3

Samsung Reveals microLED Fabrication Details

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