Video News from DisplayWeek 2022

We shot a number of videos at DisplayWeek 2022 highlighting developments in 8K, 3D (light field, holographic, eye-tracked and super-multiview), LEDs (SMD, mini, micro) and more. Here is the list. -Chris Chinnock


Innolux Shows 9K x 1.3K Display for Automotive

BOE Shows 3D, OLED, LCD and EL-QD 8K

HYPHY Unveils New Compression Technology

LG Display Impresses with 2000 nit 8K OLED

TCL CSOT Shows Printed 8K TV



(light field, holographic, eye-tracked and super-multiview)

psHolix shows Super-multiview Display

VividQ Shows True Holographic Solution for AR/VR

Leia Shows Several 3D Solutions

CREAL Focuses on Light Field Displays for AR/VR

Dimenco Shows Latest 3D Displays

Samsung Display Shows 3D Display

Innolux Debuts Medical 3D Monitor

BOE’s 3D Displays


(SMD, mini, micro)

AUO Demos microLED Displays

NS Nanotech Describes their Full Color Single Wafer microLED Approach

PlayNitride Shows Range of microLED Solutions

Innolux’s microLED Demo

MICLEDI Offers GaN on Silicon and Wafer Bonding for microLED

Porotech Developing Novel microLED Fabrication Process

SiliconCore to Offer Module Solutions to Customers



Nanosys Highlighted QD OLED, New QD Sheet Solution and a microLED HUD

6P Color Highlights 4P Display and Ecosystem Solution



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