Tianma’s Wide Range of LCD and Other Automotive Displays at DW24


Chris Chinnock for Insight Media. It’s the Tianma booth and I’m going to take a look at some of their Automotive display demo that they’re showing. So over here is their 12.3 in chip on glass demo and what they’re showing is the full display on this side and over here they’ve removed the LCD to show the backlight and the mini LED backlight capability. These are obviously blue LEDs with chip-on-glass and then they’ve got a QD film to give it the full color. 2400 zones they get with out of these miniLEDs.

Over here is the 15.6 in model that they’re showing. In this demo, they are trying to illustrate turning the local dimming on and off. So if you turn it off you see kind of a gray background back there and with it on, you get much deeper black. The consequence of turning that on, however, is the peak luminance does go down. They recognize that so they’re working on trying to improve that and to work on the algorithms for the zone management dimming. They’ve got some really nice textured displays they call InvisiVue. These are textured overlays on a miniLED 12 – the same 12.3 in display in a portrait mode now with this overlay. This is new this year – a very textured surface. Very nice. It’s got about 50% transmissivity, so it has a fairly bright display underneath. They’re showing other versions of this with a different surface. This is smoother so it doesn’t have the same kind of feel to it, but this one does have some touch integrated into it. And then another version of it over here. This has got a little bit more, no actually it’s the same texture – very smooth, so it doesn’t have that tactile feel unfortunately.

Over here they’re showing a sensing demo. You can see in the image here that this is me holding my camera. They’ve got two infrared sensors one is near IR and the other is far IR. The near IR actually has a little germanium window here and the idea is that you’re monitoring the driver at this point to get a skin temperature reading so in case you’re getting a little hot these sensors say you gee you’re hot I’m turning up the air conditioning. So yes, we’re making ourselves very very lazy here unable to turn the air conditioning up and down. It’ll have to be automated by these sensors.

This is a haptic feedback demo where there’s a piezo-electrics under here to give various strength response. In my opinion these other ones are just too weak of a response. The strong is not too bad. It’s got a definite click and feel. This kind of a demo to see what people are like.

Over here is a privacy screen demo. This technology is from Rain Technology and they call this a screen branding option. So, I’m in the driver’s position and this is what you might see in the normal mode. And now it’s gone dark and if you change it maybe another time, you’ll start to see some branding. There we go now you can see that there’s the Rain brand and on the other side a little bit dim is because of the contrast, is a Tianma logo on the other side. So, this is a kind of an interesting concept. You don’t just have to put a blank screen for the pass passenger side or for the driver. You can put a logo up there and vice versa. You can put a logo for the passenger to look at on the driver’s screen. Is this an advertising opportunity or branding opportunity? Perhaps. I think this is kind of why they’re showing this at the at the show – to see what tier ones and car makers think.

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