The Importance of Color in the Home Theater Market

September 13, 2016 – Insight Media has released a new white paper entitled, “The Importance of Color in the Home Theater Market.”

The projection-based home theater experience depends upon many factors including the quality of the projector, screen, audio system, cabling, and playback devices.  But just as importantly, the experience depends upon the room environment with particular attention to controlled lighting and light reflections and acoustic dampening and audio reflection control.

In this white paper, we will focus on color in the home theater environment.  Why?  Because the display of accurate and saturated colors is critical for conveying the images the cinematographer and the director intended.  Too often an uncalibrated projector, a projector that cannot achieve the intended color space, or light contamination can change the viewer’s perception.  A tomato needs to be red, not orange red.  The same goes for the color of a red Ferrari.

The new Blu-ray and UHD TV standards call for content to be mastered in a new wide color standard called Rec 2020.  This can enable the display of colors never seen before in today’s standard color gamut for HDTV – Rec 709.  As this content becomes more widely available, home theater owners will want to have projectors that are capable of showing these new colors.  Fortunately, Digital Projection has LED-based projectors that can achieve this gamut.

To better understand the impact the 2020 color gamut will have on this market, this white paper will provide much of the fundamental knowledge to explain today’s state of the art in home theater color, plus some of the new technologies that are expanding the color space.  But just because a projector can create a large color space doesn’t mean it can display colors accurately, which is why we will talk more about some of the basics of color science before diving into the solutions offered by Digital Projection.  We will wrap up with a discussion of the ramifications that a wider color gamut will have on home theater integrators, installers, designers and dealers.




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