Insight Media Releases White Paper: The Death of Dedicated AV Distribution

“The Death of Dedicated AV Distribution” is a new white paper from Insight Media that describes how new IP-based distribution technologies are now poised to sweep away more dedicated forms of AV distribution.  With new IP-based hardware acting as the interfaces for sources and displays, conventional 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) infrastructure can be used to distribute 4K video along with other signals.  Download the white paper with this LINK.

register to get download linkThis white paper describes a new and emerging class of distribution service that we are calling “4K-Multimedia-over-IP” and its potentially disruptive impact on the current distributed AV solutions that are sold today.  We use the term multimedia, as the capabilities go beyond the distribution of just video and audio.  For example, solutions are now available that offer various combinations of these additional capabilities: Ethernet, USB, keyboard and mouse, control signals and even power.

The ProAV market is changing from a model of separate and dedicated networks or proprietary switching solutions to a converged distribution model.  The new 4K Multimedia-over-IP paradigm is enabling new options for end users and integrators.  Benefits include lower hardware costs, easier management, and the ability to change the use models and applications without major hardware or software upgrades.  In other words, it allows easy reconfiguration of systems where there are multiple sources of content in different formats that need to be distributed to many displays of various configurations, resolutions and locations.

While the traditional approach of using both analog and proprietary circuit-based protocols are popular today, emerging silicon chip sets are now driving innovation in converting uncompressed high quality content to IP packets at a rapid pace.

“The ability to move video, audio and other signals over an IP network has been evolving for years, but it has not met the needs of the professional AV industry for many applications, especially real-time transfer of higher resolution images,” noted white paper author Chris Chinnock.  “However, as displays transition from 1080p to low cost Ultra HD / 4K versions, and mainstream 1GbE migrates to 10GbE data networks, there will be a need for affordable video distribution at extremely high data rates for uncompressed or visually lossless compression to support these new products.  Solution providers are now emerging that can meet this need by distributing 4K video with minimal latency using off-the-shelf 10 GbE switches.”

Insight Media

Insight Media is a technology consultancy focused on emerging technology in the ProAV, cinema, broadcast, consumer electronics and display industries.  The company authors white papers and articles on these topics, provide technology and market assessment services and hosts events to discuss key technology trends in these market segments.


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