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Commentary on Wooptix and poLight SDK Release

Chris Chinnock, Insight Media For context, please see this press release As some of you know, light field capture is usually done with an array of cameras or a plenoptic camera (single lens camera fitted with a microlens array capture multiple sub-images). Wooptix has developed an algorithm that can use a series of depth based […]

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Wooptix and poLight Release SDK to Bring Light Field Capture to Consumers

June 10, 2021 – Light field technology developer Wooptix® is partnering with optical component developer poLight® to enable a significant advancement in the capabilities of light field-based camera systems suitable for portable device such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, wearables and more. The combination of the two company’s technologies can now enable compact light field cameras for […]

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A New Kind of Light Field Camera from Wooptix

Many, including myself, think light field acquisition, processing and display is the future of natural 3D visualizations.  One method for light field image acquisition is to place a microlens array in front of an image sensor.  This is the approach used by Lytro in their consumer and cinema-grade cameras.  The trade off for acquiring all […]

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