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Display Summit China Identifies Projection Industry Successes and Challenges

The Insight Media produced event, Display Summit China, has just concluded here in Yixing, China. I can’t speak for what the Chinese participants took away from the event, but I had some clear expected and not-expected take aways that I want to share below. Compound Photonics used the event to publicly describe for the first […]

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Laser Light Farm Concept Offers Good ROI, Says Power Technology

Power Technology Inc. (PTI) has introduced a “laser light farm” designed to provide light to power multiple cinema screens (Power Tech Distributes Light). The light is delivered by fiber optics to each projector head from a central location, where all the RGB lasers are housed. It is an interesting concept that we discussed in more […]

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NEC New York Partner Showcase features Power Technology’s Illumina Cinema Laser System

Each year during New York Digital Signage Week, NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, hosts a partner showcase and open house to highlight NEC’s technology and their partners for upcoming product offerings. This year, one of the featured products is an NEC laser illuminated projector using […]

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