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New White Paper: Understanding 4K Resolution in Projection Systems

Norwalk, CT, May 30, 2017 – Insight Media has released its latest white paper titled Understanding 4K Resolution in Projection Systems.  It discusses the changes that are occurring with regards to defining resolution in projection systems.  This is being driven by the wider adoption of so-called “image shifting” techniques which can increase the displayed pixels […]

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New White Paper: Visual Resolution of Display Screens

Aug. 18, 2016 – This new white paper, written by display metrology expert Michael Becker at Display Metrology & Systems (DM&S), is designed to explain and illustrate the meaning of luminance modulation as the basis for the perception of visual information and for objective visual performance evaluation and rating of display screens. Topics covered in […]

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Insight Media Releases New White Paper on Sub-pixel Rendering and Resolution

Why Counting RGB sub-pixels isn’t the Best Way to Measure Resolution The advent of sub-pixel rendering technologies is stirring up controversy as to the meaning of resolution in a display. Traditionally, pixel resolution has been counted as the number red, green and blue sub-pixels that are needed to create a full color pixel. But sub-pixel rendering techniques […]

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