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Camera-to-Cloud Solves Some, but Not All Production Needs 

Adobe’s Frame.io subsidiary recently announced new capabilities for the Camera-to-Cloud (C2C) service. New is the ability to support C2C without the need for the external Teradek CUBE 655 encoder/recorder/media gateway.  This functionality is now built into the RED V-Raptor and V-Raptor XL cameras to upload REDCODE RAW files directly to the cloud – even up to 8K! In addition, the 8K-capable FUJIFILM […]

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Is the Red Hydrogen One Phone the Start of Something Bigger?

by Chris Chinnock, Insight Media Cinema camera maker Red is going into the smartphone business with the Hydrogen One phone that features what they call a 4V light field display made by Leia. Red disrupted the cinema camera market when they introduced a high-quality camera at much lower pricing than the market rate, propelling them […]

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Light Field Displays are Coming

If you haven’t been following activities in Light Field displays, here’s a quick update – there is a lot of activity in this area with products likely to be commercialized in 2018. Investments are flowing and standards organizations are getting serious about finding ways to distribute the vast amounts of data that will be needed […]

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