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Porotech Unveils the World’s First Monolithic Full Color MicroLED Displays

Full color microdisplay achieved on a single panel marks a new industry milestone News Highlights: The world’s first single-panel, full-color microdisplay suitable for augmented reality (AR) applications, based upon Porotech’s Dynamic Pixel Tuning (DPT) technology. The new innovative active-matrix 0.26-inch microLED display offering 1280×720 resolution, utilizes a proprietary driving method developed by Porotech that rapidly […]

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Dynamic Pixel Tuning: Game Changing Technology

A new white paper on Porotech microLED Technology Insight Media has just published a new white paper called Dynamic Pixel Tuning: Game Changing Technology. It describes technology developed by Porotech that can eliminate the RGB sub-pixel arrangement for displays and instead allow a single pixel to be designated any color in the visible spectrum simply […]

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