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Kopin OLED Microdisplay Exhibits Breakthrough 7000 Nits Brightness with Good Color Fidelity

One of the key debates within the OLED industry is the best way to improve current efficiency as measured in candelas per ampere (Cd/A).  Some say the direct patterning of red, green and blue materials is the way to go while others favor stacking 2 or more white emitting layers coupled with a color filter.  […]

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Kopin Announces Breakthrough in ColorMax™ Technology for Unparalleled Color Performance in Duo-Stack OLED Microdisplays

Kopin has developed a new backplane and frontplane architecture for OLED-on-Silicon microdisplays which can be used for AR/VR/MR applications. This new architecture brings together a number of innovations into one platform and offers a number of “firsts” in this display category. This includes: First duo-stack OLED with wide color gamut performance 10-bit processing for HDR-capable […]

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Compound Photonics’ NOVA Display Drive Architecture Solves Critical Power and Latency Challenges for AR Integration

Chandler, Arizona, USA, June 11th , 2020 – Compound Photonics US Corporation (CP), a leading provider of compact high-resolution microdisplay solutions for Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) applications, today, announced multiple customer validations of its NOVA display drive architecture, an innovative software-defined platform, currently implemented in both of CP’s microLED and LCoS display […]

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