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Kopin OLED Microdisplay Exhibits Breakthrough 7000 Nits Brightness with Good Color Fidelity

One of the key debates within the OLED industry is the best way to improve current efficiency as measured in candelas per ampere (Cd/A).  Some say the direct patterning of red, green and blue materials is the way to go while others favor stacking 2 or more white emitting layers coupled with a color filter.  […]

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Is Better Supply Chain Coordination the Key to AR/VR Adoption?

by Chris Chinnock, Insight Media Adoption of VR has been a rocky road.  Early estimates of headset sales fell by the wayside, although they are respectable in the low millions range.  The same can be said of the AR market where early consumer enthusiasm is giving way a belief that enterprise applications will lead the […]

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Training & Simulation Display Summit Conference Announced

March 13, 2017 – Insight Media is pleased to support the 2017 Training & Simulation Display Summit on Sept. 27-28, 2017, at the Rockwell Collins Simulation and Training Solutions facility in Sterling, Virginia.  The event will focus on the latest visual display and pipeline technologies for training and simulation, including advancements in augmented, virtual and mixed […]

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