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Recent News from AR-HUD Developer Envisics

Envisics is developing Augmented Reality Head-up Display (AR-HUD) technology based on spatial light modulator and laser technology to create a true holographic display solution. Their Gen 2 AR-HUD is set to debut in the Cadillac Lyric later this year. Below is some recent news and observations from the company. – Chris Chinnock With the start […]

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Automotive 3D HUD Developer Envisics Adds New Investor

UK-based Envisics has announced that M&G Investments has joined other strategic partners in the automotive 3D Head-up Display (HUD) developer bringing total investment to over $100M. Envisics is developing what they call “dynamic holographic” technology which means the holographic images are not static but change with time. When applied to the automotive market, this allows […]

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Envisics Shows Impressive Augmented Reality Auto HUD

After working for a year in stealth mode, holography pioneer and auto head-up display (HUD) developer Envisics showed off their advanced solution at CES 2019.  I missed that demo, but the company invited me to their Detroit office to discuss the technology. What I saw was clearly the best auto HUD I have seen to […]

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