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New White Paper: Understanding 4K Resolution in Projection Systems

Norwalk, CT, May 30, 2017 – Insight Media has released its latest white paper titled Understanding 4K Resolution in Projection Systems.  It discusses the changes that are occurring with regards to defining resolution in projection systems.  This is being driven by the wider adoption of so-called “image shifting” techniques which can increase the displayed pixels […]

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Key Trends in the Training and Simulation Market

September 13, 2016 – Insight Media has released a new white paper entitled “Key Trends in the Training and Simulation Market.”  In this paper, we discuss some of the key trends that are driving developments for visual displays, mainly projectors, in the training and simulation market.  This includes trends in resolution and visual acuity, wide […]

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TI to Bring 4K DLP to the Masses

Texas Instruments has had a 4K 3-chip DLP solution for some time, but it’s a big, 1.4” device that allows high brightness 4K projection at a hefty price. Meanwhile, Sony has made great headway offering a line of 4K projectors at more reasonable price points for the home and commercial markets. At CEDIA 2015, TI […]

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