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Kopin OLED Microdisplay Exhibits Breakthrough 7000 Nits Brightness with Good Color Fidelity

One of the key debates within the OLED industry is the best way to improve current efficiency as measured in candelas per ampere (Cd/A).  Some say the direct patterning of red, green and blue materials is the way to go while others favor stacking 2 or more white emitting layers coupled with a color filter.  […]

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Compound Photonics Unveils IntelliPix™, An All-In-One Microdisplay Technology Platform to Enable Next-Generation MicroLED for Real-Time AR

Compound Photonics has been an innovator in microdisplay technology for decades (under previous names as well).  The press release below shows they are now at the forefront of microdisplay technology for AR/MR applications.  Their focus is on monolithic, very-small-pixel displays for waveguide integration and their new backplane architecture can support both LCOS and microLED frontplanes.  […]

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Nanosys Details the Future of Quantum Dots

Quantum dot manufacturer Nanosys was at SID DisplayWeek speaking about quantum dots in the Business Conference, presenting papers in the symposium session and showcasing its technology on the exhibit floor while also revealing some future innovation in backroom discussions.  In all, the take away is that quantum dots hold great promise to provide a range […]

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