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Coretronic Show microLED and DLP AR Waveguide Solutions

Coretronic showed AR waveguide solutions using a microLED engine and DLP engine with a new 0.19″ DMD. Chris Chinnock here for Insight Media. I’m in the Coretronic booth here at DisplayWeek 2024 looking at some of their AR developments, AR and VR developments.  So specifically they are showing these  two demonstrators right here. They have […]

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VueReal Describes microLED – LCOS Solution for AR

VueReal has developed a concept for AR Headsets that replaces a conventional LED illuminator for an LCOS display with a pixelated microLED imager/illuminator. This opens up three to four new modes of operation.   Chris Chinnock here for Insight Media. It is DisplayWeek 2024. I just had a chance to talk with VueReal who makes […]

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