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BOE Shows Automotive Displays at DisplayWeek 2024

BOE showed LCD, OLED and microLED displays for automotive use. Hi, Chris Chinnock here for Insight Media. I’m in the BOE booth here at DisplayWeek going to look at some of their automotive displays. So, the first one they’re showing here is a microLED demonstrator. which as you can see from the sign, it’s 0.3-millimeter […]

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Q-Pixel Shows Multi Color MicroLEDs at DisplayWeek

Q-Pixel has demonstrated 1 micron-sized pixels that can be driven to produce any visible color. Chris Chinnock for Insight Media at DisplayWeek 24. I’m in the i-Zone with a company called Q-pixel. They are 2-year-old startup who developed a tunable pixel. So, I told you about Porotech that has their Dynamic Pixel Tuning where you […]

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