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Compound Photonics Unveils IntelliPix™, An All-In-One Microdisplay Technology Platform to Enable Next-Generation MicroLED for Real-Time AR

Compound Photonics has been an innovator in microdisplay technology for decades (under previous names as well).  The press release below shows they are now at the forefront of microdisplay technology for AR/MR applications.  Their focus is on monolithic, very-small-pixel displays for waveguide integration and their new backplane architecture can support both LCOS and microLED frontplanes.  […]

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Compound Photonics’ NOVA Display Drive Architecture Solves Critical Power and Latency Challenges for AR Integration

Chandler, Arizona, USA, June 11th , 2020 – Compound Photonics US Corporation (CP), a leading provider of compact high-resolution microdisplay solutions for Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) applications, today, announced multiple customer validations of its NOVA display drive architecture, an innovative software-defined platform, currently implemented in both of CP’s microLED and LCoS display […]

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