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Camera-to-Cloud Solves Some, but Not All Production Needs 

Adobe’s Frame.io subsidiary recently announced new capabilities for the Camera-to-Cloud (C2C) service. New is the ability to support C2C without the need for the external Teradek CUBE 655 encoder/recorder/media gateway.  This functionality is now built into the RED V-Raptor and V-Raptor XL cameras to upload REDCODE RAW files directly to the cloud – even up to 8K! In addition, the 8K-capable FUJIFILM […]

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Video News from NAB 2022 and CinemaCon 2022

We shot a number of videos at NAB 2022 highlighting developments in 8K as well as videos at Cinemacon 2022 on projection/display developments. Here is a guide to them. NAB 2022 News Netint has a co-processor for hardware encoding of AV1 streams up to 8K 4:2:0. They claimed that AV1 is not defined at 8K yet, but […]

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