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Video News Reports from DisplayWeek 2023

Below are a series of videos decribing what exhibitors were showing at SID DisplayWeek 2023. There was a lot of microLED activity focused on autotmotive, AR/VR and videowalls. We also saw some interesting OLED, 8K/16K and 3D displays. Check it out. microLED / miniLED News JBD Shows of Commercially Available microLEDs and Reveals R&D Plans […]

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DisplayWeek 8K Symposium Short Takes

The Society of Information Displays (SID) recently had a virtual version of its main annual symposium and trade expo called DisplayWeek. This conference covers a wide range of display topics with some going deep into the display technology weeds. Below we summarize some of the highlights related to 8K displays from the symposium part of […]

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