Summary of Air Force Research Lab Workshop on Advanced 3D Displays Released

The Air Force Research Lab at Wright Patterson Air Force Base hosted a workshop in November 2016 that brought together military, government and intelligence users and developers of lightfield and holographic display solutions.  The one-day workshop, hosted by Darrel Hopper, provided insight into the needs and requirements for these advanced display across Navy, Air Force, Medical, Energy and the Intelligence communities for advanced display solutions – and tools to help aggregate, display and comprehend these complex data sets.  The pdf file at the link below provides the summary of this workshop.

Field of Light Display (FoLD) Workshop – AFRL – November 2016

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About the Author: Chris Chinnock

Chris Chinnock the founder and president of Insight Media. His areas of focus include the 4K ecosystem, laser displays, 3D/Light Field/Holographic displays, advanced imaging technology (HDR, HFR, WCG), VR/AR/MR and emerging technologies and products in the broadcast, consumer electronics, ProAV and the display industries.