Special Report Offers from Insight Media

SID-DisplayWeek, Display Summit (www.displaysummit.com) and InfoComm have all come and gone.  Insight Media and Meko were there to cover it all in special reports and conference proceedings.  Below are some special offers that provide a wealth of information on these events.  It is the next best thing to being there.

  • SID-DisplayWeek Special Report
    • 68-page report covering all major display-related news from the 2015 event in San Jose.  Table of Contents
    • $300
  • Display Summit/InfoComm Special Report
    • 50-page report covering all sessions at Display Summit and display-related news from InfoComm 2015  Table of Contents
    • $300
  • SID-DisplayWeek plus the Display Summit/InfoComm Special Reports
    • two report package
    • $500
  • Display Summit Proceedings
    • PDF files of the presentations
    • Access code delivered after purchase
    • $495
  • SID-DisplayWeek Report, Display Summit/InfoComm Report and Display Summit proceedings
    • Three report package
    • $895
  • Free Report or proceedings with 1 year subscription to Large Display Monitor or Mobile Display Monitor (starts at $1,499/year).  Your choice of
    • SID-DisdplayWeek report
    • Display Summit/InfoComm  Report
    • Display Summit proceedings
    • Offer for new subscribers only
    • Contact for details chris@insightmedia.info, 203-831-8464

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