Scale Nanotech Intros New Interferometric Pixel

This new company is a developing a graphene-based interferometric pixel architecture.

Chris Chinnock for Insight Media. I’m in the i-Zone at DisplayWeek 24, looking at a brand-new technology called Scale Nanotech.

Some of you in the display industry may remember a company called Mirasol that was developed under Qualcomm, was I guess acquired by Qualcomm, that was an interferometric approach based on MEMS technology. Ultimately did not come to market in any sustainable way.

Anyway, now Scale Nanotech has revived this concept with some new innovations. In the Mirasol design it was a heavy MEMS membrane that went up and down in this cavity and it created an interference in an etalon cavity that would be that would create interferometric red, green, or blue depending on the height of that membrane in the cavity. It worked, it definitely worked very well, but there were issues bringing that to market. So the innovation here is to replace that heavier MEMS, I guess it was a silicon MEMS membrane with a graphene membrane. It’s much lighter, it’s a single molecule or a single atom wide so it’s very, very light and easy to deflect. And it works on the same principle. If you create this cavity at one height you get a red color, a green at another height, and a blue at a different height. It kind of moves up and down like a drumhead I guess is the best way of describing it.

The way you get a grayscale is you then move it to the desired color, let’s say it’s red, then you move to black, so it’s fully down. Then back to the red position in a pulse width modulation scheme. So while the company’s been around for seven or eight years they’re just now getting to some early prototypes. They’re showing a couple of prototypes over here. I’m not going to try and show those it will be very difficult to look down the optic. In development now is a new backplane that they hope will be able to show a more worthy demonstration. That’s all I know. Chris Chinnock here for Insight Media.

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