Samsung Display Will Highlight QD-OLED Improvements at CES 2023 

We met with Samsung Display a the SMPTE conference in Hollywood where they were showcasing their current QD-OLED TV vs. a white OLED TV. The QD-OLED TV was the Sony A95K model while the white OLED TV was the G2 from LGE. 

While specifics of QD-OLED performance improvements will have to wait until the CES time frame, representatives did reveal that there will be a new and improved OLED stack that will increase brightness and contrast even higher. 

In the demo, they also had a colorimeter and so I asked if they could measure some color patches on both sets to see how they compare. The results are shown below. 

Color  Sony QD-OLED  LG White OLED  % Increase 
Red  188  68  176% 
Yellow  595  229  160% 
Green  239  157  52% 
Cyan  311  165  88% 
Blue  41  25  64% 
Magenta  206  79  161% 
White  757  646  17% 

This data is interesting. While all the colors are brighter in the QD-OLED display it is the red and yellow colors that seem to get the biggest boost in brightness allowing for brighter, more saturated colors in this area. The boost to white is not insignificant, but probably not as noticeable as in the red/yellow boost. This just proves the color-volume benefit of these panels. 






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