Q-Pixel Shows Multi Color MicroLEDs at DisplayWeek

Q-Pixel has demonstrated 1 micron-sized pixels that can be driven to produce any visible color.

Chris Chinnock for Insight Media at DisplayWeek 24. I’m in the i-Zone with a company called Q-pixel. They are 2-year-old startup who developed a tunable pixel. So, I told you about Porotech that has their Dynamic Pixel Tuning where you can get any color that you want by changing the drive mechanisms. Q-pixel can do the same thing but it’s a very different architecture.

They’re not talking too much about exactly how they do this. All they’re saying is it’s a multi-quantum well structure that can be continuously tuned from blue to the red, with the red being the hardest one to get, of course. And it’s all done with standard processes in a single growth deposition phase.

Now I don’t understand the physics of how they do this, and they don’t want to talk about that. But I understand that they have reached some very important milestones. For example, they say they’ve gotten six patents granted so far with 12 pending.

And they’ve also demonstrated what they’re calling the world’s first full color resolution microdisplay with 10,000 PPI with devices that are only one micron in diameter. The polychromic one is a 6800 PPI device. So, these are very impressive numbers. Obviously, the efficiency is going to go down when you get to one micron size. On their next step road map is to look at creating devices that have a larger area that might be useful for demonstrators for applications that could be phones or watches or AR devices. Things like that.

It’s a very compelling proposition but at an early stage so we’ll just have to see if they can move this out of the lab into something more commercially viable. That’s pretty much the story. Chris Chinnock here for Insight Media.

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