Power Technology Unveils World’s First Multi-Projector Laser Light Source: Illumina Light Farm

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LITTLE ROCK, AR, January 21, 2016 – Power Technology, Inc. (PTI), laser experts in the photonics industry for 45 years, have released the world’s only multi-projector laser light source today. Unlike traditional projectors with lamps or lasers inside single projectors, the Illumina Light Farm allows a single source of light to be delivered via fiber optics to multiple new or retrofitted projectors.

With PTI’s new Illumina Light Farm, extending the life of current projectors while spreading the laser upgrade investment across multiple projectors is now an economically viable solution for many multi-projector installations. The Illumina Light Farm results in total cost of ownership savings while providing the brighter, more vivid colors of laser illuminated projection audiences are demanding.

Initially targeted to retrofit digital cinema projectors, the Illumina Light Farm is also valuable to amusement parks, virtual reality and flight simulator applications.  With the ability to deliver light dozens of meters from the source, the Illumina Light Farm is ideal for any multi-projector installations.

Laser illuminated projection (LIP) is a cutting edge projection technology that is implemented in approximately 75 theaters worldwide. LIP replaces traditional xenon lamps with more reliable laser light sources. Power Technology located in Little Rock, Arkansas is one of the first companies in the world to produce a market ready version of LIP and the very first to bring a commercially available and economically viable light farm to the world market.Large_Rack_Up_smaller

“We are laser experts, not projector manufacturers so we didn’t come into the market with the pre-conception that the light source had to be inside the projector. That’s what makes the Illumina Light Farm so revolutionary. We aren’t just replacing a bulb with a laser. We are replacing all your bulbs with one maintenance free light source that lasts for years,” said Walter Burgess, Vice President of Engineering and Sales with Power Technology.

Power Technology offers in-house projector retrofitting available as well as integrator partners across the world skilled in retrofitting projectors to work with the Illumina Light Farm. Unlike traditional manufacturers attempting to wedge more lamps or underpowered lasers inside single projectors, the Illumina Light Farm allows light from a single location be delivered to multiple projectors simultaneously. The Illumina Light Farm completely changes the way exhibitors can get all the benefits of laser illuminated projection without purchasing all new projector equipment. Until now, only very high lumen projectors, like those used by premium large format or high-end 3D locations, could benefit from the investment in laser illuminated projection. The Illumina Light Farm is designed and positioned to make laser illuminated projection a viable option for every multi-projector installation in the world.

William Burgess, Vice President of Operations for Power Technology Inc. added, “The entire light farm concept is a complete game changer for smaller exhibitors, amusement parks and flight simulators. They all use multiple projectors. The electricity and labor savings alone by doing away with all those lamps makes the Illumina Light Farm very attractive financially.”

Contact Power Technology today for an assessment of your multi-projector installation and a free return on investment calculation to see if the Illumina Light Farm is right for you.


Power Technology, Inc., established in 1969, is a leading manufacturer of lasers for OEM cinema, analytical, biomedical, industrial, semiconductor inspection, defense & security, and machine vision applications. For more information about the Illumina Light Farm, visit: http://info.powertechnology.com/illumina-light-farm

Power Technology Inc., Kristopher Hesson, Marketing Manager, khesson@powertechnology.com

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