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  • Training & Simulation Display Summit Conference Announced March 13, 2017 – Insight Media is pleased to support the 2017 Training & Simulation Display Summit on Sept. 27-28, 2017, at the Rockwell Collins Simulation and Training Solutions facility in Sterling, Virginia.  The event will focus on the latest visual display and pipeline technologies for training and simulation, including advancements ... Read more
  • New White Paper on Optical Aspects of VR Headset Design Released February 28, 2017 – Insight Media has completed a new white paper titled, “Understanding Trade-offs in Microdisplay and Direct-View VR Headset Designs.”  It is now available for free download.   REGISTER HERE Most current VR headset designs feature direct-view displays resulting in headsets that many feel do not meet the size, weight, ... Read more
  • Summary of Air Force Research Lab Workshop on Advanced 3D Displays Released The Air Force Research Lab at Wright Patterson Air Force Base hosted a workshop in November 2016 that brought together military, government and intelligence users and developers of lightfield and holographic display solutions.  The one-day workshop, hosted by Darrel Hopper, provided insight into the needs and requirements for these advanced ... Read more
  • Streaming Media for Field of Light Displays (SMFoLD) Workshop Summary Released Insight Media and Third Dimension Technologies organized an all-day workshop on Oct. 28, 2016 in conjunction with the Society for Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) annual technical conference in Hollywood, California.  Over 100 people registered for the workshop with about 80 in attendance. Overall, the workshop was very well received ... Read more
  • Insight Media Releases Technical White Paper on Quantum Dot Technology White paper details how quantum dot technology expands TV’s color range and enhances HDR NORWALK, Conn. – November 14, 2016 – Insight Media announced today the release of a new white paper that delves into the science behind quantum dot technology as it pertains to displays. Insight Media’s Chris Chinnock authored ... Read more
  • The Importance of Color in the Home Theater Market September 13, 2016 – Insight Media has released a new white paper entitled, “The Importance of Color in the Home Theater Market.” The projection-based home theater experience depends upon many factors including the quality of the projector, screen, audio system, cabling, and playback devices.  But just as importantly, the experience depends ... Read more
  • Key Trends in the Training and Simulation Market September 13, 2016 – Insight Media has released a new white paper entitled “Key Trends in the Training and Simulation Market.”  In this paper, we discuss some of the key trends that are driving developments for visual displays, mainly projectors, in the training and simulation market.  This includes trends in ... Read more
  • Comparing Dolby Vision and HDR10 Insight Media has released a new white paper showing the similarities and difference between HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The analysis shows that HDR10 is really a subset of the more comprehensive Dolby Vision HDR solution. The white paper takes a methodical approach by comparing the differences of HDR from content creation ... Read more
  • New White Paper: Visual Resolution of Display Screens Aug. 18, 2016 – This new white paper, written by display metrology expert Michael Becker at Display Metrology & Systems (DM&S), is designed to explain and illustrate the meaning of luminance modulation as the basis for the perception of visual information and for objective visual performance evaluation and rating of ... Read more
  • Insight Media Releases New White Paper: Summary of Products Using Sub-Pixel Rendering July 19, 2016 – Insight Media has completed a new white paper that discusses various methods of sub-pixel rendering and provides details on products that use these techniques.  Such products include smartphone, tablet,, notebooks and TVs.                             The paper provides some insight on how sub-pixel rendering works -including it advantages and trade-offs. Popular ... Read more
  • Insight Media Releases New Report: High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut Ecosystem News from CES 2016 January 25, 2016 – Insight Media has released a new report titled: “High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut Ecosystem News from CES 2016.”  It is offered for free with a registration. The 77-page report provides detailed news from extensive interview before, after and at CES 2016 covering HDR/WCG news from ... Read more
  • Power Technology Unveils World’s First Multi-Projector Laser Light Source: Illumina Light Farm press release LITTLE ROCK, AR, January 21, 2016 – Power Technology, Inc. (PTI), laser experts in the photonics industry for 45 years, have released the world’s only multi-projector laser light source today. Unlike traditional projectors with lamps or lasers inside single projectors, the Illumina Light Farm allows a single source of light ... Read more
  • Insight Media Releases New White Paper: The Status of Wide Color Gamut UHD TVs Insight Media has produced and releases a new white paper called “The Status of Wide Color Gamut UHD TVs.”  It is offered for free with a registration. The 57-page white paper provides an overview of the complete wide color gamut (WCG) and high dynamic range (HDR) ecosystem covering content production, distribution ... Read more
  • Insight Media Releases New White Paper: Better Pixels for Professional Projectors  This white paper will provide an overview of a range of video enhancements that are emerging now in the consumer TV and professional AV industries.  These are collectively called “better pixels” as they will improve the viewing experience – in some cases, quite dramatically. The objective of the paper is to ... Read more
  • Insight Media Releases New White Paper on Sub-pixel Rendering and Resolution Why Counting RGB sub-pixels isn’t the Best Way to Measure Resolution The advent of sub-pixel rendering technologies is stirring up controversy as to the meaning of resolution in a display. Traditionally, pixel resolution has been counted as the number red, green and blue sub-pixels that are needed to create a full color ... Read more
  • NEC New York Partner Showcase features Power Technology’s Illumina Cinema Laser System Each year during New York Digital Signage Week, NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, hosts a partner showcase and open house to highlight NEC’s technology and their partners for upcoming product offerings. This year, one of the featured products is an ... Read more
  • Quickly develop HD 1080p pico display applications with new TI DLP® evaluation module   Quickly develop HD 1080p pico display applications with new TI DLP® evaluation module Smallest DLP Full-HD chipset, evaluation module and reference design are available now through The new Texas Instruments DLP®LightCrafter™ Display 4710 evaluation module (EVM) is a tool that allows developers to quickly assess the DLP Pico™ 0.47-inch TRP Full-HD 1080p display ... Read more
  • Insight Media Releases White Paper on Technology Behind the ColorSpark HLD LED Solution for Projectors High Lumen Density (HLD) is a new LED solid state light source developed by Philips Lighting and branded under the trade name of ColorSpark. This technology breaks through the étendue limitation of current LED projectors that have limited their light output. HLD technology now allows projectors to reach the 3000 ... Read more
  • New Technologies Solving an Old Problem By Bob Mathes, AV/Video Sales & Marketing Manager, Draper, Inc. A seam in a projection screen viewing surface has never been a popular subject, but it has been a fact of life for virtually every screen manufacturer (and their customers) for decades. Although Draper has improved on our seaming techniques over ... Read more
  • Insight Media Releases White Paper: The Death of Dedicated AV Distribution “The Death of Dedicated AV Distribution” is a new white paper from Insight Media that describes how new IP-based distribution technologies are now poised to sweep away more dedicated forms of AV distribution.  With new IP-based hardware acting as the interfaces for sources and displays, conventional 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ... Read more
  • Light Polymers Develops First Liquid-Crystal-Based Remote Phosphor Flexible Film for LED Lighting Light Polymers is introducing the world’s first liquid-crystal-based remote phosphor flexible film.  In LED lighting, a remote phosphor film moves the blue-to-white-light converting phosphor material from the LED itself to the substrate that is located a short distance from the LEDs.  This has many benefits in terms of efficiency improvement ... Read more
  • Scalable Display Technologies Announces Grant of Additional Patents Industry leader expands its protection around multi-projector displays Cambridge, MA – June 15, 2015 — Scalable Display Technologies, the leading provider of software for multi-projector display systems, today announced the issuance of two new patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Scalable continues to invest heavily in research ... Read more
  • OLED Developments in Japan 2015 A local Japan-based market research firm has conducted a series of interviews with Japanese companies involved in the development and manufacture of OLED materials, subsystem and panels.  The survey was conducted from March to April in 2015, with the results now available as an industry report. The report is offered for ... Read more
  • Special Report Offers from Insight Media SID-DisplayWeek, Display Summit ( and InfoComm have all come and gone.  Insight Media and Meko were there to cover it all in special reports and conference proceedings.  Below are some special offers that provide a wealth of information on these events.  It is the next best thing to being there. SID-DisplayWeek ... Read more
  • White Paper: Survey Results on a Breakthrough Technology in Solid State Projectors Released A survey of 300 people was conducted recently to compare the images of four different unmarked projectors using different solid state lighting technology.  The survey examined if a new LED-based light source developed by Philips Lighting would be bright and colorful in a normally lit room and if the images ... Read more
  • Mobile LCD Backlight Technology and Market Study Now Available May 27, 2015 – A new report titled “Mobile LCD Backlight Technology and Market Study,” is now ready for delivery by Insight Media. The backlight of an LCD display can represent 25% of the cost and it has a tremendous impact on the power consumption as well. Any involved in ... Read more
  • Insight Media Announces that Display Summit has been Approved for 12 InfoComm Renewal Units May 26, 2015- Insight Media is pleased to announce that the company has been named an official InfoComm International Renewal Unit (RU) Provider.  This will allow the more than 9,000 professionals holding InfoComm International’s Certified Technology Specialist credential to earn renewal units towards their certification by attending the upcoming Display ... Read more
  • 2015 Report on NAB and Technology Summit on Cinema Available Insight Media and Meko analysts attended the 2015 Technology Summit on Cinema and NAB events in Las Vegas recently.  This new report covers much of the leading edge news from these two shows.  The nearly 50-page report is available now for $199.  It includes many original by-lined news an ... Read more
  • Mobile LCD Backlight Technology and Market Study Released February 18, 2015 – Insight Media is now offering early access to a report that is being put together right now.  Titled “Mobile LCD Backlight Technology and Market Study,” early access customers will get a 15% discount off of the price.  The report is due to publish sometime in March, ... Read more
  • D-ILA Projector with BLU-Escent Technology White Paper Available JVC has completed a white paper providing more details on the technology inside the BLU-Escent DLA-VS2500 and DLA-VS2300 projectors. The white paper can be downloaded by clicking below:     The White Paper provides details on the architecture of the projector as well as key features and benefits for the training, simulation and visualization ... Read more
  • What’s More Important: Color Accuracy and Contrast or Brightness in Conference Room Presentations? Insight Media has published a new white paper titled: What’s More Important: Color Accuracy and Contrast or Brightness in Conference Room Presentations?  The impetus for this paper was the release of the BenQ Colorific HC1200, a projector that is optimized for color accuracy and high contrast, rather than traditional brightness measurements. Historically, ... Read more
  • Transparent Conductor Markets Report Released A new report on transparent conductor for the display, solar cells and other market segments is now available from Insight Media offering detailed forecasts.  The report finds that the global market for transparent conductors (TCs) will generate $4.6 Billion (USD) in 2019, with non-ITO TCs accounting for $1.8 Billion in ... Read more
  • The Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA) Makes White Paper Available to Members The Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA) working in conjunction with Insight Media and other industry experts, has completed a white paper that is now available for its member companies.  Titled, “Laser Illuminated Projector Systems – Technology Ahead of Regulation”, the report is a comprehensive summary of the state of regulatory ... Read more
  • 2014 Touchless Human-Machine-Interaction Market Report Released Insight Media is excited to announce the availability of a new report titled,” Touchless Human-Machine-Interaction Market Report.”  This report analyzes over nine touchless Human Machine Interface (HMI) technologies and eight market applications.  The report forecasts the touchless HMI market will reach $42.6 Billion by 2020. Gesture control, voice recognition, eye tracking, proximity touch, ... Read more
  • Insight Media Updates Web Site Insight Media (Norwalk, CT) has updated its web site,,  to give a fresh look and streamlined information about its products and services.  The move follows its divesting of the newsletter operation and a refocus on its other core services such as market research , consulting, marketing support and events. ... Read more
  • Insight Media Sells Publishing Operation to Meko Insight Media (Norwalk, CT), well known as the publishers of display-related news on its news portal, has agreed to sell its publishing and advertising operation to Meko, a UK-based news and market research consultancy that has covered the display industry for 20 years.  Operation of the Display Central news portal, Display ... Read more