Mobile LCD Backlight Technology and Market Study Now Available

May 27, 2015 – A new report titled “Mobile LCD Backlight Technology and Market Study,” is now ready for delivery by Insight Media. The backlight of an LCD display can represent 25% of the cost and it has a tremendous impact on the power consumption as well. Any involved in the design and development of mobile displays or the materials to support them needs to understand the design trade-offs, IP considerations, costs and forecasts for backlight components – which this report addresses.

Display and mobile device makers are continually looking at ways to increase display performance but must be cognizant of the impact this may have on power draw and battery life in a mobile device.  The advanced materials, components, films and structures used in a the backlight are critical elements in these cost/performance design trade offs.  This report is intended to provide the analysis that display and device developers will need to make design, production and competitive decisions about components and suppliers.

This report covers the light management components for mobile displays. Components, performance, manufacturers, market sizing and forecasts are covered.  This study provides a comprehensive assessment of the market outlook, industry structure, technology trends and cost analyses for the mobile display backlight unit and key components including the light guide plate/ materials and light management films.  Most notably, the report also includes an extensive review quantum dot light management film technology, which is increasingly used to boost display system power efficiency and/or enhance color gamut.  This is particularly important in light of the recent EU decision to NOT extend an exemption on quantum dots that carry Cadmium.

The report includes:

  • Technology analysis of the Backlight Unit, Light Guide Plate Materials, Light Management films and Quantum Dot films
  • Market forecasts with prices, volumes and shares
  • Value chain and industry structure analysis
  • 40 company overviews
  • Appendix with 3M Patent Analysis

For more info: Insight Media, Chris Chinnock, 203-831-8464,



Table of Contents


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