New Generation MEMS Interferometric Modulator

Table of Contents

o     Executive Summary
o     Reverse Costing Methodology
Company Profile
o    Qualcomm Profles
o    Foxlink ansSollink Profiles
o    Kyobo display Characteristics
Physical Analysis
o    Synthesis of the Physical Analysis
o    Physical Analysis Methodology
o    Kyobo eReader
o    Kyobo disassembly
o    Display Electronic Boards
o    Fiex
o    Mirasol Display Disassembly
o    Mirasol Display Cross-Section
o    Mirasol Display Electrodes
Physical Analysis Drivers
Physical Analysis Mirasol Display
o    Cap
o    Desiccant
o    Pixels
o    Mirror
o    Mirro Thickness
o    Cavity Thickness
o    EDX specters
o    Black Mask
o    Mirror Electropode
o    Statonay Electrode
o    Physical Data Summary
Manufaturing Process Flow
o    Description of the Dsiplay Fabrication Unit
o    Manufacturing Process Flow
o    Main Process Step
Cost Analysis
o     Synthesis of the Cost Analysis
o     Main Steps of Economic Analysis
o    Drivers Cost
o     Cost analysis Mirosol Display
o    Plant, Equipment and Operator Cost
o    Consumable Cost
o    Display Cost
Estimated Manufacturer Price Analysis
o    Manufacturer fnancial ratios
o    Estimated Manufacturer Price