Forecasts, Human Factors, Technology and Market Factors for Micro Projectors with Solid State Illumination

January 2012


Microprojectors were first introduced commercially in 2005 with 15 lumen output and since then have been introduced by multiple additional vendors. For purposes of this report, a microprojector is small enough to fit in a laptop bag but uses enough power to require an AC power connection. The unit may or may not have an internal media player. Sales to date have been modest but respectable and significant growth in this market is expected in the future. Component suppliers, projection optical module makers, projector system makers and others need to understand the consumer and business needs in this market in order to provide products that sell in significant quantities. This report is designed to address this need.

Careful evaluation of the technology, markets and end-user needs are required to create forecasts that are realistic. This sober and independent evaluation is required to understand and plan for developments in the microprojector market, as well as the market for pico/micro projectors in general.

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