Lightning Silicon Technologies to Launch Display and Optics Solutions for VR / MR at CES 2024

Lightning Silicon Technology (LST) was launched as a spin-off from Kopin Corporation in January 2023. At CES 2024, it will unveil a host of new OLED-on-Silicon microdisplays and all-plastic Pancake optical solutions for Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality (VR/MR) headsets. Ahead of CES, Insight Media conducted a wide-ranging interview with LST Executive Chairman, Dr. John CC Fan. The full interview can be viewed HERE.

Below is a brief guide to the conversation.

0:00 – 4:09 – overview of Lightning Silicon Technology founding; it’s long-held vision for how the VR/MR market should develop (OLED-on-Silicon microdisplays and all-plastic pancake optics).

4:09 – 9:00 – the requirements/ deficiencies of current VR/MR headsets; overview of LST components; LST’s mission statement; history of development and core competencies including the 30 years of experience at Kopin.

9:00 – 12:17 – The relationship between LST, Lakeside Optoelectronics (Lakeside) and Lakeside Lightning Semiconductor (L2S).

12:17 – 13:39 – Relationship with Panasonic and their MR headset and need for new 12” fab.

13:39 – 19:55 – Discussion of new L2S 12” fab details and competitive landscape; lessons learned on 8” line and ability to reduce cost and improve performance on 12” line.

19:55 – 21:43 – Needs for VR/MR optics, timeline for 12” fab.

21:43 – 27:33 – Discussion of 1.3”, 2.6K resolution OLED-on-Silicon display development details and specifications (only 10-bit/color, 120 Hz OLED-on-Silicon display), 4Kx4K thinking.

27:33 – 32:44 – FOV discussion; 95- and 105-degree LST all-plastic pancake designs showing at CES 2024 (first to achieve 105-degree FOV all plastic pancake optics with 4K MTF). Trade-offs between 95- and 105-degree designs. Production plans for all-plastic pancake optics

32:44 – 33:43 – Go-to-market strategy.

33:43 – 37:22 – Review of CES activity (booth in Eureka Park 61418; suite in Palazzo; reception and fireside chat)

37:22 – 41:58 – Feedback for discussions with industry partners in Asia on VR/MR trends and perceptions especially in reaction to Apple VisionPro announcement. Thoughts on smartphone to smartglass evolution.

41:58 – 45:03 – the next generation of Solos audio glasses with an GPT AI interface for simultaneous translation with very low latency

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