Insight Media Videos from CES 2022

Below is a list of videos shot at CES 2022. The production quality is not great (we will work on that), but I hope they offer some insight into the many interesting things I saw at CES.

8K-related videos are linked to the 8K Association YouTube channel while other display-related videos appear on the Insight Media YouTube channel.

We will also post more text-based articles with additional details on the 8K Association news page.


Chris Chinnock, Insight Media & The 8K Association


CES 2022 Samsung Display’s QD Display Revealed

CES 2022 Samsung’s Evolving TV Feature Sets

CES 2022 Samsung TV Gaming Enhancements CES 22

CES 2022 Samsung Introduces New microLED TVs

CES 2022 Samsung 8K Video Capture on their Smart Phone

CES 2022 TCL Slim 8K Mini LED Tech Demo

CES 2022 TCL 8K TVs

CES 2022 Hisense 8K TVs

CES 2022 Hisense 4K & 8K Laser TVs


CES 2022 TCL VVC 8K Hardware Decoding Demo

CES 2022 TCL & PixelWorks Partner on Truecut Motion

CES 2022 Intopix Shows 4K/60p over CAT5e – Working 8K/60p

CES 2022 BOE’s 3D Automotive Display


CES 2022 TCL Light Field Display

CES 2022 Dimenco Shows Range of Simulated Reality Displays

CES 2022 CY Vision Show Multi-Planar Automotive HUD


CES 2022 Brelyon Shows Novel Curved Display

CES 2022 TCL miniLED Videowall


CES 2022 Noveto Invisible Headphones

CES 2022 Canon’s AMLOS Collaboration Tool is a Hit


CES 2022 Vuzix Shield AR Glasses Are Really Nice

CES 2022 Cellid Augmented Reality Glasses and Display

CES 2022 TCL MicroLED Smart Wearable Glasses


CES 2022 MICLEDI – 12″ Wafer-Scale microLED Fabrication

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