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Insight Media (Norwalk, CT) has updated its web site,,  to give a fresh look and streamlined information about its products and services.  The move follows its divesting of the newsletter operation and a refocus on its other core services such as market research , consulting, marketing support and events.  These services are focused on five core market segments: Cinema, Broadcast, ProAV, Consumer Electronics and the Display Industry.

“We have always had a display-centric approach to our industry coverage, but in reality, we cover not only the display and display-based products in these markets, but the technology and a equipment used to create, process and distribute those pixels as well,” noted Chris Chinnock, the founder and President of Insight Media.

Insight Media is cooperative of independent industry experts with broad experience and expertise including a strong technical background coupled with solid business, marketing and analytical skills.  The new web site will also feature blogs from our team of over a dozen experts commenting on various market, technology or product trends. Together, we can offer clients a wide variety of services including:

Strategic Services:

  • Competitive assessments (product, technology, market position, messaging, etc.)
  • Specification analysis/comparison
  • Emerging Technology evaluation and assessments
  • Business plan development and/or review
  • Develop marketing/PR/business development programs
  • Technology/component sourcing
  • Investment/Fund Raising due diligence support
  • IP investigation/Patent Analysis
  • Expert witness litigation support

Marketing Services:

  • Development of sales/marketing presentations, documents, articles, white papers, webinars, web pages, etc.
  • Promotional programs (banners, sponsorships, articles, etc.) via Display Daily and and/or our display professionals email list (15K people)
  • Development of seminars, workshops, sales meeting, etc.
  • Business development (strategy/meetings with customers via phone, on-site, trade shows)
  • Newsletter subscriptions

Market Research:

  • Multi-client reports from Insight Media and partners
  • Custom market research

Industry Events

For more information on how the Insight Media team can help your organization, please contact:

Chris Chinnock, Insight Media, 203-434-0180,


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About the Author: Chris Chinnock

Chris Chinnock the founder and president of Insight Media. His areas of focus include the 4K ecosystem, laser displays, 3D/Light Field/Holographic displays, advanced imaging technology (HDR, HFR, WCG), VR/AR/MR and emerging technologies and products in the broadcast, consumer electronics, ProAV and the display industries.