Insight Media Releases White Paper on Technology Behind the ColorSpark HLD LED Solution for Projectors

High Lumen Density (HLD) is a new LED solid state light source developed by Philips Lighting and branded under the trade name of ColorSpark. This technology breaks through the étendue limitation of current LED projectors that have limited their light output. HLD technology now allows projectors to reach the 3000 ANSI lumen level with the prospect to reach beyond 4000 lumens in the future.register to get download link

In early 2016, the first announced projector brands, Optoma and Hitachi, will bring HLD-enabled projectors to market with more than 3000 ANSI lumens. This is the mainstream part of the projector market – a segment LED projectors have not been able to compete in previously.

But in addition to breaking through the lumen barrier, these projectors will offer wide color gamut and color accuracy that will make them high performance as well. And, as has been demonstrated already, bright, wide color, color accurate projectors can now enable the use of projection in ambient room lighting conditions that were previously not possible. (For more on this testing, you can download the white paper here.)

In this new white paper, we explain some of the limitations with solid state projection technology and then detail how the HLD technology solves these problems and the benefits that this breakthrough enables. We believe this truly is a game changer for the projection industry that will reshape product development plans for all, so understanding how this technology works and its potential impact is important. That is why this white paper has been written.

Insight Media

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