Insight Media Releases Technical White Paper on Quantum Dot Technology

White paper details how quantum dot technology expands TV’s color range and enhances HDR

NORWALK, Conn. – November 14, 2016 – Insight Media announced today the release of a new white paper that delves into the science behind quantum dot technology as it pertains to displays. Insight Media’s Chris Chinnock authored the white paper, Quantum Dots will Power Display Products to the Next Level, which details a range of topics from wide color gamut options, High Dynamic Range (HDR) to the intricacies of quantum dot technology.

The white paper provides an overview of three technologies typically utilized to create a wide color gamut (WCG) display: OLED, LCD and quantum dot.

The 27-page white paper takes a deep dive into the technology behind each display type and calls out their unique strengths and weaknesses. The Table of Contents is shown below.


“Quantum dots are amazing materials with potential we are just beginning to explore,” noted Chris Chinnock, president and founder of Insight Media.  “This white paper profiles the great opportunity that quantum dots offer in displays, especially as displays stretch their color capabilities to achieve the wide BT.2020 color gamut.  But they can also be used in other applications ranging from solar cells, to lighting and bioimaging, so this is clearly a technology to be tracking.”

Quantum dot technology is now fueling a range of LCD displays, offering a WCG that can be larger than that offered by OLED displays and other LCD technologies. When coupled with HDR, quantum dot displays offer some of the best picture performance on the market.

To download the full white paper, Quantum Dots will Power Display Products to the Next Level, please registering HERE.

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