Insight Media Releases New White Paper: The Status of Wide Color Gamut UHD TVs

Insight Media has produced and releases a new white paper called “The Status of Wide Color Gamut UHD TVs.”  It is offered for free with a registration.

The 57-page white paper provides an overview of the complete wide color gamut (WCG) and high dynamic range (HDR) ecosystem covering content production, distribution and display with additional details on the technologies used to create wide color gamut displays.

The report discusses what wide color gamut is, the challenges to creating and delivering wide color gamut content to TVs, what platforms are now ready to deliver this content and what TVs are ready to receive and display WCG content.  Since WCG is strongly coupled with HDR, there is a lot of explanation and discussion about the HDR approaches and benefits as well.  The report concludes with a table summarizing current and planned UHD TV models with WCG and HDR capabilities (updated with news from CES).

The table of contents below provides an overview of the topics covered.



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