Insight Media Releases New White Paper on Sub-pixel Rendering and Resolution

Why Counting RGB sub-pixels isn’t the Best Way to Measure Resolution

The advent of sub-pixel rendering technologies is stirring up controversy as to the meaning of resolution in a display. Traditionally, pixel resolution has been counted as the number red, green and blue sub-pixels that are needed to create a full color pixel. But sub-pixel rendering techniques can share sub-pixels creating new ways to display pixels.  This white paper discusses various sub-pixel rendering techniques and their implementations.

 Table of Contents
 Introduction 3
 Pixels, Resolution and Addressability 3
      Temporal and Spatial Sub-pixel Rendering 4
      Spatial Sub-Pixel Rendering 5
 Sub-Pixel Rendering Approaches 7
   Delta Triad 8
   PenTile OLED 8
   RGBY 11
   RGBW 12
       RGB/W 12
       RG/BW 12
       RGB/WRG/BWR/GBW 13
       RGBCW 13
Advantages of Sub-Pixel Rendering 13
Conclusion 15
    Implementations of Sub-Pixel Rendering 15

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About the Author: Chris Chinnock

Chris Chinnock the founder and president of Insight Media. His areas of focus include the 4K ecosystem, laser displays, 3D/Light Field/Holographic displays, advanced imaging technology (HDR, HFR, WCG), VR/AR/MR and emerging technologies and products in the broadcast, consumer electronics, ProAV and the display industries.