Insight Media Releases New White Paper: Better Pixels for Professional Projectors 

This white paper will provide an overview of a range of video enhancements that are emerging now in the consumer TV and professional AV industries.  These are collectively called “better pixels” as they will improve the viewing experience – in some cases, quite dramatically.

The objective of the paper is to define what these “better pixel” features are, how they will benefit professional users and the implications for the entire content-to-display pipeline. The key professional application for video content today is cinema, so we will mostly focus on this.  However, the technology is starting to spread to other advanced professional markets like simulation, medical, military, etc. – which is why this paper is important

While the focus of the paper is on professional projection, no discussion of better pixels can take place without an understanding of the consumer television market and how better pixels are expected to be adopted there.  In reality, the consumer TV and professional AV markets are pushing each other in the development, standardization and deployment of better pixel hardware and software.


Table of Contents
Introduction 4
What are Better Pixels? 4
     Consumer TV vs. Professional Projection 4
     Higher Brightness 5
           Benefits & Trade-offs 5
     Uniformity 6
          Benefits & Trade-offs 6
     Enhanced Resolution 6
          Benefits & Trade-offs 9
     High Dynamic Range and Contrast 9
           Benefits & Trade-offs 11
     Wide Color Gamut (WCG) 12
          Benefits & Trade-offs 13
     High Frame Rate (HFR) 14
          Benefits & Trade-off 15
     Bit Depth 15
          Benefits & Trade-offs 16
     3D 17
          Benefits & Trade-offs 18
     Summary 18
Implications for the Capture, Processing and Distribution of Better Pixel Content 18
      Better Pixel Capture 18
      Better Pixel Processing 19
      Better Pixel Distribution 20
Implementing a Better Pixel Projector 20
      Applications for Better Pixels 21
          Cinema 22
          Design 26
          Training & Simulation 26
          Rental & Staging 26
          Corporate 27
Conclusion 27
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Insight Media

Insight Media is a technology consultancy focused on emerging technology in the ProAV, cinema, broadcast, consumer electronics and display industries.  The company authors white papers and articles on these topics, provide technology and market assessment services and hosts events to discuss key technology trends in these market segments.

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