Insight Media Launches Light Field / Holographic Webinar Series

Nov. 23, 2020 – Insight Media, along with key launch sponsors, are proud to announce a new series of webinars to focus on the evolving light field and holographic ecosystem. Webinars will occur on a roughly monthly basis, are free to attend and will be archived for later VOD playback. Launch sponsors include Avalon Holographics, Dimenco, Looking Glass Factory and Wooptix.

“Insight Media has organized an annual event around the light field and holographic ecosystem since 2016, but with the cancellation of physical events and virtual event fatigue, we wanted to try something new – a webinar series,” explained Chris Chinnock, President of Insight Media. “This modest commitment from attendees should offer a great way to stay current on this rapidly evolving technology space and create a library of valuable resources for the industry to share. Our aim is to develop webinars that cover all aspects of the Light Field/Holographic ecosystem – from capture to display.”

The first webinar will be sponsored by Looking Glass Factory and will focus on the light field mobile opportunity that can leverage advanced sensor suites in today’s high-end smartphones, especially the Apple iPhone 12. Date and details to follow.

“There’s a major shift underway of a magnitude similar to the shift from photographs to film or radio to television, and that’s the shift from flat media to holographic light field media, Said Shawn Frayne, CEO of Looking Glass Factory. “New advanced holographic light field display technologies are meeting a moment where millions of people are finding they have 3D depth cameras, some even with LiDAR capabilities, in their pockets in phones they already own. Something big is afoot, so I’m thrilled to be a part of the first of this webinar series to talk a bit about what is happening in the advanced capture and display ecosystem.  Sure, it’s a two-dimensional webinar, but that looks like it will change pretty soon.”

“Light Field and holographic technologies are about to have their renaissance moment, where Simulated Reality is the ultimate expression of what these technologies can do – Bridging the distance between you and what matters,” commented Dimenco CEO Maarten Tobias.

“Light fields are the next big leap in 3D technology, with early innovators emerging in the capture, production and display arenas,” noted Russ Baker, Co-founder and Vice President of Business Development.  “Avalon is proud to be driving towards the ultimate goal of high-fidelity, natural 3D, full parallax displays, and we believe a robust, cooperative ecosystem is critical to early success for everyone.  Chris and Insight Media have been supporting and publicizing these technologies for years, and their efforts to bring the community together regularly (both virtually and in real life) are appreciated.”


Chris Chinnock, Insight Media, 1-203-434-0180,

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