HTM (Hybrid Tone Mapping) Technology White Paper Now Available

Ymagis Group and Eclair are thrilled to publish a White Paper on the new HTM (Hybrid Tone Mapping) technology, which enables the optimized storage of two or more versions – SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) – of a same feature film in a single SMPTE-compliant (Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers) DCP (Digital Cinema Package).

Distributors and Cinema Exhibitors can gain a great competitive advantage with HTM technology. Learn more now!

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MD DCPs are fully compatible with all types of projection systems and LED cinema screens.

Eclair has developed the MultiDynamic Digital Cinema Package (MD DCP), a unique DCP that can transport all versions within the same SMPTE-structured DCP. The HDR/EDR/SDR versions are played from different Composition Play Lists (CPL) based on the display’s capabilities. We have also developed a color mapping tool (MultiDynamic-map, MDmap) that adapts the signal to each display’s dynamic capabilities.

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