Dynamic Pixel Tuning: Game Changing Technology

A new white paper on Porotech microLED Technology

Insight Media has just published a new white paper called Dynamic Pixel Tuning: Game Changing Technology. It describes technology developed by Porotech that can eliminate the RGB sub-pixel arrangement for displays and instead allow a single pixel to be designated any color in the visible spectrum simply by changing the drive characteristics. They call this invention Dynamic Pixel Tuning (DPT) and it appears to be quite interesting.

In the white paper, we describe how Porotech first developed their PoroGaN material structure that creates an interface layer between the GaN epi layer and the substrate. This relieves stress allowing the fabrication of red GaN micro/mini-LEDs. This is the first major accomplishment. The second is the new drive scheme that allows the pixel to change the emission wavelength based on the drive current, thus enabling Dynamic Pixel Tuning.

To learn more about this technology, please register to download the white paper at this LINK.

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