D-ILA Projector with BLU-Escent Technology White Paper Available

JVC has completed a white paper providing more details on the technology inside the BLU-Escent DLA-VS2500 and DLA-VS2300 projectors.

The white paper can be downloaded by clicking below:

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BLU-Escent logo

BLU-Escent DLA-VS25




BLU-Escent Block Diagram

The White Paper provides details on the architecture of the projector as well as key features and benefits for the training, simulation and visualization markets.

For example, Laser-Phosphor light sources have a much longer lifetime than lamps which allows JVC to provide the same light level and color output for 20,000 hours – a huge win for this market.

Brightness vs. Time

To learn much more, download the white paper.

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