Coretronic Show microLED and DLP AR Waveguide Solutions

Coretronic showed AR waveguide solutions using a microLED engine and DLP engine with a new 0.19″ DMD.

Chris Chinnock here for Insight Media. I’m in the Coretronic booth here at DisplayWeek 2024 looking at some of their AR developments, AR and VR developments.  So specifically they are showing these  two demonstrators right here. They have wave guides and they’re showing this monochrome green microLED. And over here is the full color version. Both of these demos use panels or microLED devices from Jade Bird Display. What Coretronic does is to develop the optics around that – optics and drivers around that to be able to sell them to customers. They say they can work with basically any waveguide customer.

This is the first one that’s going to go into mass production. It’s 640x 480, 0.15 CC as you can see here, with a 32-degree field of view. It’s monochrome green so this is going to be for, it could be for a sports goggle type application. They do have a customer, I’m told Q4 is when that goes into mass production.

Over here is a DLP version of this. It is a new sample of a 0.9-in DLP engine. This is brand new, and it’s been integrated here with LED drivers into this little demo. The big difference here is the efficiency. It’s probably about half to a third of the power consumption of the microLED, believe it or not. But the tradeoff of course, is it is going to be a much bigger volume. If it’s not a mobile application that can do that trade-off, but wants the efficiency, this is another option for them. That’s pretty much the story. Chris Chinnock for Insight Media.

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