BOE Shows Automotive Displays at DisplayWeek 2024

BOE showed LCD, OLED and microLED displays for automotive use.

Hi, Chris Chinnock here for Insight Media. I’m in the BOE booth here at DisplayWeek going to look at some of their automotive displays. So, the first one they’re showing here is a microLED demonstrator. which as you can see from the sign, it’s 0.3-millimeter pitch, that’s what this means. The microLEDs are about 20x 40-micron devices they told me, and they are about 12-in panels or so. They didn’t give me the exact spec and I don’t know the exact luminance. It’s LTPS on glass and it’s RGB so it’s not color converted. The resolution is 1280 by 720 for each of these. They say this is not quite ready for mass production but maybe by the end of the year. They say if the pitch for the LED gets below about 0.9 mm then you’ve got to move to glass because limitations of the PCB substrates themselves but I believe they said 0.6 and 0.9 microLED on glass is ready for mass production now.

BOE is also showing their flexible OLEDs for automotive applications. This is a slidable display, a slidable splicing display – it’s a mouthful. Its 31 in and we’ll just take a look at this thing. You see it slides a little bit to the left here and then the right portion comes out a little bit. The resolution is 5944 by 1632. And then they have two others over here, kind of a portrait one that folds. This is a center console display and then I guess it would be a passenger display look at this see it’s stored inside this little compartment, and it can come sliding out and unfold. Both are kind of clever. Here’s the spec sheet for these two.

This is BOE’s pillar to pillar automotive display. This is an LCD with mini-LED backlights I guess. It’s 44 inches, let’s call it 45 in, and it has 6,000 dimming zones with about 9,000 by 1,000 resolution. This particular one does not have a privacy film put on it, but they can of course put a privacy film on it if desired. It has a refresh of up to 90 Hertz and 2,000 nits, so quite bright with a million to one contrast or so. That’s pretty impressive stuff. That’s all I’ve seen here for automotive. Chris Chinnock for Insight Media.

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