Automotive 3D HUD Developer Envisics Adds New Investor

UK-based Envisics has announced that M&G Investments has joined other strategic partners in the automotive 3D Head-up Display (HUD) developer bringing total investment to over $100M.

Envisics is developing what they call “dynamic holographic” technology which means the holographic images are not static but change with time. When applied to the automotive market, this allows AR symbology to move, grow or shrink in the HUD field-of-view as the car moves down the road.

It’s Generation 2 auto HUD technology will debut in the Cadillac Lync later this year. The new funding will help in the development and commercialization of Generation 3 auto HUD technology.

Other investors include Hyundai Mobis, GM Ventures, Tarsadia Investments and Van Tuyl Companies, Jaguar Land Rover’s InMotion Ventures and Stellantis Ventures.

You can read the full press release HERE. To learn more about HUDs, check out our new white paper on the topic HERE. To see the Envisics web site go to


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