A New Medical HMD Entering the Market

A company called HMDmd is now ready to register their Model CR3 Wearable Surgical Monitor with the FDA as a Class One device with the expectation of commercial availability in March 2024. It has taken three years to arrive at this point following the introduction of their pre-clinical device. We had a chance to catch up with the company recently to get an update on their headset, which is the content of the first video below. In the second video, HMDmd CEO John Lyon discusses his perspective on the attributes and advantages of their new headset. . The company has invested a great effort making sure this is a universal headset capable of interfacing with the standard minimally invasive, robotic and microscope systems, while simultaneously working with clinicians to optimize the ergonomics required in the current surgical environment.

For more, check out the HMDmd website or reach out to John Lyon.

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