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  • Many Ways to Visualize ADAS InformationMany Ways to Visualize ADAS Information
    The role of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) systems in automobiles is to prevent deaths and injuries by reducing the number of car accidents and the serious impact of those that cannot be avoided. Advanced ADAS systems will be needed ...
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  • Video News Reports from IFA 2023Video News Reports from IFA 2023
    Insight Media attended the 2023 IFA event at Messe Berlin, The following news videos capture news on TVs, TV O/Ss, home projection solutions and more. O/S News Roku Describes new TV OS Partners at IFA 202 Xperi Updates on DTS-X and TiVo Roll-outs TV ...
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  • Automotive 3D HUD Developer Envisics Adds New InvestorAutomotive 3D HUD Developer Envisics Adds New Investor
    UK-based Envisics has announced that M&G Investments has joined other strategic partners in the automotive 3D Head-up Display (HUD) developer bringing total investment to over $100M. Envisics is developing what they call “dynamic holographic” technology which means the holographic images are ...
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  • White Paper – What’s a HUD and Why are Car Makers so Anxious to Add Them?White Paper - What’s a HUD and Why are Car Makers so Anxious to Add Them?
    The automobile market is currently changing in unprecedented ways. Electric vehicles are replacing those powered by internal combustion engines. Cars are adding more sensors, communications capabilities and pushing the abilities of autonomous driving. Car interiors are being reshaped and electronics ...
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  • Review of microLED News from DisplayWeek 2023Review of microLED News from DisplayWeek 2023
      The LA chapter of the Society for Information Displays (SID) invited Insight Media to give an overview of what we saw and reported on at the DisplayWeek event last May. The webinar was recorded and can be viewed on the ...
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  • Video News Reports from DisplayWeek 2023Video News Reports from DisplayWeek 2023
    Below are a series of videos decribing what exhibitors were showing at SID DisplayWeek 2023. There was a lot of microLED activity focused on autotmotive, AR/VR and videowalls. We also saw some interesting OLED, 8K/16K and 3D displays. Check it ...
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  • Porotech Unveils the World’s First Monolithic Full Color MicroLED DisplaysPorotech Unveils the World’s First Monolithic Full Color MicroLED Displays
    Full color microdisplay achieved on a single panel marks a new industry milestone News Highlights: The world’s first single-panel, full-color microdisplay suitable for augmented reality (AR) applications, based upon Porotech’s Dynamic Pixel Tuning (DPT) technology. The new innovative active-matrix 0.26-inch microLED display offering ...
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Insight Media focuses on the latest advanced-display technologies and their related ecosystems in consumer electronics, cinema, broadcast, ProAV and the display industry.  Our focus areas today are 8K, High Dynamic Range, Wide Color Gamut, mini/microLEDs, AR/VR/XR, light field and other advanced display solutions.  Our services include articles, white papers, event organization and custom technology consulting.  Insight Media also helped the 8K Association