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  • How to Make a Holographic Optical Element FilmHow to Make a Holographic Optical Element Film
    By Chris Chinnock, Insight Media Holographic Optical Element (HOE) films are an emerging class of optical device that can be used to bend, shape, or direct light. Simple HOE structures like grating are used in waveguides to capture, direct and expand ...
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  • Recent News from AR-HUD Developer EnvisicsRecent News from AR-HUD Developer Envisics
    Envisics is developing Augmented Reality Head-up Display (AR-HUD) technology based on spatial light modulator and laser technology to create a true holographic display solution. Their Gen 2 AR-HUD is set to debut in the Cadillac Lyric later this year. Below ...
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  • Exit Pupil Modulation for High Performance VR Headsets ExplainedExit Pupil Modulation for High Performance VR Headsets Explained
    Panamorph, best known for their anamorphic cinema lenses, has also been active in virtual reality display technology for decades. Recently, they have developed a new VR headset design using what they call Exit Pupil Modulation (EPM) to deliver improved image ...
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  • A New Medical HMD Entering the MarketA New Medical HMD Entering the Market
    A company called HMDmd is now ready to register their Model CR3 Wearable Surgical Monitor with the FDA as a Class One device with the expectation of commercial availability in March 2024. It has taken three years to arrive at ...
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  • Video News Reports from CES 2024Video News Reports from CES 2024
    Insight Media was at CES 2024 and produced a number of video news reports at the event covering automotive, AR/VR/MR and TV/Projection displays. Automotive (LCD, OLED, microLED, HUDs) Envisics Describes Their Holographic HUDs at CES 2024 Envisics is developing holographic HUDs that use ...
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  • Lightning Silicon Technologies to Launch Display and Optics Solutions for VR / MR at CES 2024Lightning Silicon Technologies to Launch Display and Optics Solutions for VR / MR at CES 2024
    Lightning Silicon Technology (LST) was launched as a spin-off from Kopin Corporation in January 2023. At CES 2024, it will unveil a host of new OLED-on-Silicon microdisplays and all-plastic Pancake optical solutions for Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality (VR/MR) headsets. ...
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  • Realfiction to Show Innovative Directional Pixel Technology at CES 2024Realfiction to Show Innovative Directional Pixel Technology at CES 2024
    Denmark-based display developer Realfiction will be showcasing four demonstrations at CES 2024. After an hour-long discussion with the company, these demos are really quite innovative. A brief description is provided below. If you want to learn more, click HERE to ...
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  • Many Ways to Visualize ADAS InformationMany Ways to Visualize ADAS Information
    The role of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) systems in automobiles is to prevent deaths and injuries by reducing the number of car accidents and the serious impact of those that cannot be avoided. Advanced ADAS systems will be needed ...
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  • Video News Reports from IFA 2023Video News Reports from IFA 2023
    Insight Media attended the 2023 IFA event at Messe Berlin, The following news videos capture news on TVs, TV O/Ss, home projection solutions and more. O/S News Roku Describes new TV OS Partners at IFA 202 Xperi Updates on DTS-X and TiVo Roll-outs TV ...
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  • Automotive 3D HUD Developer Envisics Adds New InvestorAutomotive 3D HUD Developer Envisics Adds New Investor
    UK-based Envisics has announced that M&G Investments has joined other strategic partners in the automotive 3D Head-up Display (HUD) developer bringing total investment to over $100M. Envisics is developing what they call “dynamic holographic” technology which means the holographic images are ...
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