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Webinar Available VOD: The Five W’s of Holographic Displays – Part I of II

Avalon Holographics delivered the first of two webinars entitled The Five W’s of Holographic Displays on June 2nd. Part II will take place on June 29 at the 12pm Eastern Daylight Time. View Recording of Part 1 Click to Register for Part II The webinars feature Wally Haas, President and Co-founder, along with Russ Baker, […]

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IDEA Releases Light Field Distribution Documents and Demonstrates Functionality

The Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance (IDEA) used the 2019 Light Field and Holographic Display Summit to release three new documents that describe how advanced media formats, including full light field data, can be packaged for delivery over commercial networks. The group also proved the format works by showing the same content presented on several type […]

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CY Vision Developing Next Gen HUD Technology

CY Vision (San Jose, CA) is a company that has been quietly developing advanced Head-up Display (HUD) technology but is now ready to start talking about what they have been doing.  In a call with co-founder and Koç University (Istanbul) Professor, Hakan Urey, I learned a lot more about their approach. In essence, it is […]

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