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Report Details

The e-Book Reader and Tablet Market Report

Quick Facts

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October 2010
Dale Maunu
Norbert Hildebrand
Insight Media

The Need:
The market for e-book readers (EBRs) changed dramatically with the introduction of the Apple iPad tablet. As a result, this turmoil has created a need to understand the factors that are driving adoption of EBRs and tablets, along with the prospects for future features, use models and sales potential. This report seeks to address these needs.

Key Findings:
The report focuses on evaluating the prospects for e-book readers in 4 market segments as well as the tablet product. The forecasted segments include:

  • General purpose e-books
  • e-newspapers
  • e-textbooks
  • e-professional reference books
  • Tablets

The report finds that the unit forecast will be dominated by sales of tablets, rising to nearly 94M units by 2015. General purpose e-book readers will also be successful rising to 26M units by 2015. The other segments are smaller, but could represent good opportunities for the right providers.

Fundamentally, we find the Tablet is a more general purpose product that will serve the needs of multi-media users. For the most part, it will cannibalize sales of netbook products as well as upgrades from smart phones.

EBRs began as special purpose products, but soon started to take on additional functionality. We see this trend reversing with a return to dedicated and special purpose products that are more optimized for tasks such as book reading, textbook reading and newspaper reading. Consumers can get a camera in their cell phone, but often also buy a dedicated camera for this specialized task. We see a similar pattern emerging for book reading -- casual book or document readers will be happy with the Tablet while power users will prefer a dedicated product.

To obtain the desired forecast results, the analysis is divided into two main sections: Segmentation Analysis and Forecast Analysis.

Segmentation analysis starts with an understanding of the current EBR and tablet products and develops an abbreviated product list. A full 200-page database of all known current and planned EBR and tablet products is contained as an appendix.

The Device Features and Profiles section evaluates the features used in today's products and evaluates trends to predict how these products will evolve.

The Use Mode Analysis is designed to understand how various EBR products and tablet products are used, initially focusing on the dedicated vs. convergence models employed in these products. Tablets are seen as convergence devices with EBRs moving back toward dedicated platforms. Consumer use mode analysis further examines the applications that are used defining four main categories (Communication, Information, Personal Entertainment and Reference). This analysis concludes by assessing the impact of these trends and use modes on the total available market (TAM) and other factors that will influence the adoption of these products.

The Market Development Analysis is designed to understand market factors, forces and needs that will influence the way products are designed, sold and used. Six key trends are identified.

In the Publishing Industry Analysis section, we take a harder look at the attitudes, status, trends and prospects for this part of the industry to embrace EBRs and tablets. This part of the ecosystem controls the content, and their actions will have a significant impact on market development.

All of this analysis leads to a segmentation of the market by devices and by market application. These applications are what are then forecasted later in the report. A SWOT analysis provides yet another window into understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that each device platform will face going forward.

The Market Forecast Methodology is shown in the second graphic. This starts with the Device and Market Segmentation inputs from the previous analysis. The Device Segmentation Analysis is now further refined to better understand its impact on the Total Available Market (who will be using each device).

The Market Segmentation Analysis is expanded into our Consumer Expectations Analysis, which develops a set of key parameters that will influence the buying decisions and satisfaction with an EBR or tablet product. The parameters are assigned a rating and a level of importance, and rated for today and for 2015. This analysis provides insight into the general level of adoption, key hurdles and timing for changes in the adoption rate.

In addition, we expand our pricing analysis to better understand past trends and potential impact on future pricing, while our display analysis focuses on the key players, approaches and prospects for adoption in EBR and tablet products.

All of this information feeds our penetration-based forecast model which develops optimistic and conservative penetration curves and forecasts. The expected forecast combines all of the factors to produce our best estimate of the future sales potential of EBRs and tablets through 2015. These forecasts are then further refined to provide a break-out by display size and display type (color or monochrome).

Click here for complete Table of Contents.

Who Should Buy:

Technology planners, senior engineers, business development managers and senior executives who are:

  • Manufacturers of e-paper displays
  • Component and material suppliers to e-paper display providers
  • Manufacturers of EBR products
  • Service providers for delivery of EBR content
  • Creators of content for EBRs
  • Publishers
  • Dealers and distributors of EBRs and related content


The report is delivered as a PDF file under a site license agreement.  Follow up questions and limited support is included.

The E-Book Reader and Tablet Market report is available now for $2,500 USD (single company site license).

More Information: Contact: Insight Media, Dian Mecca, (203) 831-8464,

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